Contact me to book these workshops at your educational or community venue.
Alternatively check back in Autumn 2024 to book a space on upcoming courses at Questors Theatre in London for adults and students aged 16-18.

Movement & Music for Performers & Directors

A series of practical workshops which will enable participants to consider and effectively use music and movement in their theatre-making. Participants will develop body awareness and physical skills, respond to various musical stimuli and push their creativity in a collaborative and safe space. This is not a dance or singing lesson but comfortable clothing and shoes are advised and participants are encouraged to bring any instruments they play to the sessions. 

Course aims:

  • To develop body awareness and physical skills

  • To explore characterisation, relationships, hierarchy and story from a physical or aural perspective

  • To explore the possibilities of live and recorded music or sounds  

  • To learn and apply the work of theatre practitioners Stanislavski, Anne Bogart and Tina Landau, Laban and Lecoq to participants’ own creations

  • To work collaboratively, inspire creativity and have fun!


  • Empty room, comfortable clothing and shoes

  • Maximum 20 adult participants, any age and level of fitness but can be adapted for physical needs

  • Variation for GCSE/A level students available

Introduction to Theatre Facilitation

A short course for GCSE and A Level students interested in working as an effective and inspiring drama facilitator. Participants will learn how to lead a group confidently, build a toolbox of drama games and activities, and consider effective and appropriate teaching methods for different groups of students.

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